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Radiographic Testing

Radiographic Testing (RT) can be used for the detection of hidden flaws in solid objects and requires either x-rays or gamma rays.  One of these sources of ionising radiation is positioned on one side of the item to be inspected and a photographic film is placed in close proximity on the other side.  The radiation is partly absorbed during transmission and differences in material thickness or absorption qualities are recorded on the film giving a full size image showing internal detail.

NDT_Radiographic_Testing.jpgX-ray radiography is generated electrically by means of a high voltage x-ray tube. Gamma rays are produced by the natural disintegration on nuclei in a radioactive isotope.  The main benefit of radiography is that it provides a non-destructive method of detecting hidden flaws and provides a permanent record in the form of a radiograph.


Services on offer from Venture:

  • 4 meter x 4 meter radiographic exposure bay.
  • X-ray cabinet with Phillips 200kv set (for smaller items).
  • 300kv directional x-ray set.
  • Tech-ops 660 / 680 containers, selenium 75, iridium 192 and cobalt 60.
  • Portable darkrooms’ for fast results on-site.
  • Comprehensive 24hr in-house and on-site service.
  • Approved procedures for control checks.
  • Approved procedures to specific industry standard.
  • Inspectors fully qualified to PCN & SNT.
  • Approved Method Statements, Risk Assessments and COSHH Assessments including confined space entry.

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